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AI for Everyone. Ethical AI. Aligned AI.

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. If you’ve Googled something, opened your phone with facial recognition, or accepted autocorrect while texting in the past 24 hours, congratulations: you’ve interacted with artificial intelligence technology. Further, from identifying early signs of cancer to catching wildlife poachers and improving outcomes for farmers, AI isn’t just cool: it can be used for social good. In other words, exploring this field could lead to amazing, world-changing passion projects. AI is the next BIG thing in STEM

We intend to plant seeds of quality Artificial Intelligence education for diverse students (females, minorities and students from low-income background) by providing them access to world- class resources and hosting a variety of events, webinars, and workshops for free. Besides the traditional avenues of exposing students to AI concepts, we would incorporate a unique art-focused approach in our focused efforts to change things bottom-up. In particular, we will use the artistic applications (e.g., drawing, painting, music) to make AI more accessible and interesting for the traditionally underrepresented groups who would otherwise feel intimidated learning AI and related fields

Also, we wish for AI to
bloom both ethically and in alignment with human values backed by a supportive system of moral principles and techniques intended to inform the development and responsible use of AI technology. AI has become integral to products and services, and hence there is a need for AI codes of ethics, and also goals of AI technology need to be aligned with those of humanity

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


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