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Dr. Lisa Palmer, Chief Technical Advisor - Leading Executive Peers for Tech Impact, 2021 Who’s Who in AI

“What an inspiring initiative by high school students to create truly inclusive attitudes about #AI! This is what leadership looks like”

Dr. Chhavi Chauha. Passionate AI Ethicist striving for ethical, equitable, and accessible AI for all

“I see a bright future for my daughter when I get opportunities like this to generate #EthicalAI awareness amongst the leaders of the future! Thank you, Mehar Bhasin for this wonderful opportunity, and wish you good luck with the STEAM Bloom AI Podcast series.

Ms. Diya Wynn, Tech Ethicist, Diversity Equity Inclusion Practitioner and STEM Advocate

Please check out the work of the amazing student, Mehar Bhasin. In high school, she is diving into an area of passion and reaching her generation. The podcast she released is increasing awareness of AI benefits and ethical risks. Tune in and keep a watch out for Mehar. She's our future…

Dr. Julie Carpenter, UX R&D Leader. Human-centered emerging technologies researcher.

Passing along news about Mehar Bhasin's new Bloom AI Podcast aimed at inspiring high school students, letting them listen and learn from accomplished professionals who are at the forefront of engagement with AI! A special focus is on topics related to AI ethics.”

“Wonderful leadership in this space, Mehar! Congratulations to your team and all of the high school students.”

Ms. Charlie Oliver, Founder/CEO of TECH 2025

“This is one podcast that should be on your playlist. An AI podcast for high school students BY high school students exploring AI ethics in healthcare. Big congrats to Mehar Bhasin and her team on the launch of their show.

Ms. Patrice Gans, Executive Director at Random Hacks of Kindness Junior Inc“I see a “Wow!!! Very impressive. Congrats on a job well done!!”

Dr. Jodi Masters-Gonzales, AI Ethics, Algorithmic Risk & Public Policy Research; Certified Expert AI Auditor

Mehar Bhasin it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with you reflecting on my journey and learning about your journey so far. I had not realized that you are still in high school! Amazing!! I look forward to following your journey

Dr. Kitty Y. M. Yeung, Startup founder, ex-Creator for Microsoft Quantum Computing, Art by Physicist tech-fashion designer, Top 100 Women in Fashion Tech Women of Wearables

Mehar is the driving force for a global initiative STEAM Bloom which supports her peers, with the intend to plant seeds of quality STEAM education for diverse students by providing them access to world-class resources and hosting a variety of events, webinars, and workshops for free. Mehar has demonstrated exceptional organizational skills and advocacy for STEAM education. It was a pleasure working with her as a speaker for one of the events. She proactively reached out to industry
leaders and managed the project at a professional level. I enjoy getting her updates as the STEAM Bloom community grows.”   please refer to the recommendation section on LinkedIn

Dr. Constance Jeffery, Associate Professor, Dept. Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the STEAMBloom event. You did a great job organizing the event. It's great what you are doing to encourage young people to pursue STEAM careers. I was very impressed by the group of speakers and their accomplishments.”   please refer to the recommendation section on LinkedIn

Ms. Kaitlyn Kuczer, xR Experiences Lead @ Deloitte Digital, Emmy Award Nominee

Mehar is fantastic at leading global teams to share the value of STEM to students around the world. Her organization and meeting management skills are outstanding and match those of business professionals I have met.   please refer to the recommendation section on LinkedIn

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