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DAY 1: 21ST AUGUST 2021

 Haripriya Mehta: Generating Art Using Machine Learning

 Kaitlyn Kuczer: Digital Reality (Augmented, Mixed, Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies)

Maria Fields: Regeneron STS Project & Diversity in STEM

 Mera, Tanisha and Pallab: 21st Century Skills for STEM

Kate Kallot: The Evolution of the AI Ecosystem

DAY 2: 22ND AUGUST 2021

Angela DeHart; Embracing Technology to create Inclusive  Environments & Establish Mentor Relationships

Kitty Yeung: Connecting STEM And Arts

Daniela Andrade: Making STEM More Incluisve

Julius Adebayo: Explaining Machine Learning Decisions

Archika Dogra: Fusing Tech + Impact: Inclusion in STEM

 Constance Jeffery: STEM Research (Protein Structure, Sequence & Function ) AND Career in STEM

Shinjini Ghosh: AI and CS Research Projects (Sepsis Detection and Modelling of Child Phoneme Acquisition)

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