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      AI + Entrepreneurship
Global Program (Summer 2022)

Organized by STEAM BLOOM Team

We are now accepting applications for our Summer'22 AI + Entrepreneurship (AI plus E) Online

Program for High School Students from around the world to be taught by the STEAM Bloom Team

and external speakers

AI plus E is an 8-session, 25-hour enrichment program that introduces students to fundamental

artificial intelligence concepts and their application in impactful projects in areas including dance,

drawing, healthcare, environment, and more. Classes will consist of a combination of lectures,

videos as well as fun hands-on activities. Students are expected to spend a few hours outside class to

review the concepts and also prepare a pitch for their AI start-up in a mock competition offering total

prize money of $500.

There is no cost involved! No programming or computer science experience is required. Each

attendee gets a Certificate and free e-book about Python programming.

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AI plus E sessions are planned from

June 12th – Aug 14th, 2022

(Sessions on Sundays; 10am – 11am EST)


The sessions dates/times may change because

of any unavoidable reasons.

At times we may also combine a couple of sessions

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