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Image by Andrea Riondino


              Mehar is currently a senior at The Hotchkiss School (in CT) and enjoys Math, Computer Science, Humanities and French. At school, she is Head of Math Club and Linkage Club (a diversity club), and also a board member of Songs for Smiles (community service club) and Hotchkiss Improv Club. Additionally, Mehar is a tour guide and also part of the school’s swim and crew teams. She also really enjoys doing theatre and singing. She loves to meet new people and create meaningful connections.
              Mehar strongly believes that it’s imperative for women and minorities to be more involved in the creation of the technology that is impacting all of us so directly. Mehar has been recognized as recipient of 2022 NCWIT National Award and 2021 NCWIT National Honorable Mention for Aspirations in Computing, and also selected as Junior Member by New York Academy of Sciences. She at
tended Princeton University's Artificial Intelligence (AI4ALL) program and Yale University's YYGS Program during the last two summers.
              Mehar’s goal for the future is to marry her academic interests (especially computer science and math) with her non-academic interests and areas for social good (e.g. healthcare, education and performing arts), and spread joy in the world around her. Recognizing the importance of diverse voices in STEM fields, Mehar also aims to continue her community outreach by inspiring young women and minorities to pursue a career in technology to help innovate our future.

              Pahal is a ninth-grader at The Hotchkiss School (in CT) and is interested in Math, Computer Science, English and Visual Arts. She is passionate about the intersections of STEM and Arts with social impact addressing areas related to equitable access to education and healthcare, and women empowerment, and making the world a better place for all
              In Computer Science, Pahal started off by taking part in small Scratch workshops, later leading into her learning more complex languages like Python, getting exposed to App Development and learning Artificial Intelligence techniques. She was recently in an AI Project where she worked with her team using computer vision tools (neural networks, CNNs) to develop a machine learning model to help the visually impaired navigate the world.
              Pahal also enjoys reading and writing poems, acting, singing, dancing, drawing, photography, and community service. She is an amazing poet and artist, and you can see more of her work at
              Pahal is super excited to expand and evolve to achieve its mission by giving students from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn and create, and bridge the gap in STEAM knowledge and tools for minorities
and diverse students.

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