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Sama M. (11th grade student, Egypt)

I just wanna say thanks for this great program and this opportunity that you let me listen to the sessions actually it benefited me a lot and make my brain wider about AI and it makes me decided to major AI , so thanks so much for you and for everyone make this program great."

Hadiya Y. (11th grade student, Pakistan)
It was also really interesting seeing how each presenter started in the fields of AI, and their different takes on it and how they applied technical knowledge to their own fields. The resources provided in each session were also very helpful and very rewarding to go through! 

Sudhan O. (12th grade student, Nepal)
The things I liked most about these sessions were how detailed they were. I got to learn so much more about AI and Entrepreneurship. I have always thought of being an entrepreneur myself but had no knowledge about it whatsoever and no idea who to talk to but through these sessions. I learned a lot and now feel like I have a chance at being an entrepreneur.

Felecia K. (10th grade student, Zambia)
I liked how the speakers and STEAM BLOOM hosts were extremely eager to answer all of our questions, regardless of the necessity and importance. I didn't ever think that I would get anywhere real with these sessions, but I was proven wrong and that in my view is a great thing. I also liked how we were taught about AI transforming different areas, and that was fascinating . I am thankful for all the speakers, and I am also thankful for being given this opportunity. Thank you STEAM BLOOM for this amazing opportunity."

Nariman A. (10th grade student, Egypt)

“The speakers each time were diverse and were excellent teachers and their explanation was understandable and our ability to communicate with you at any time and ask you questions was a very beautiful thing. 

Jeff Z. (11th grade student, USA)
“Thank you so much for putting up an awesome program!”

Annika M. (10th grade student, India)

"Super informative and knowledgeable. It was a great learning experience!"

Ayodeji A. (12th grade student, Nigeria)

“The classes were top-notch, and yeah, the interactive sessions with the invited guests made it interesting.”

Haidar M. (11h grade student, Iraq)

Loved it all… program organization, teaching style, competitions. It was insightful to learn about the importance of ethics in the field of AI

Ananya D. (10th grade student, India)

The guest speakers were so amazing it was a pleasure to listen to them, and an amazing overall experience which helped me develop even more interest in AI. Might as well consider it for my future endeavors :)"

Fatema L. (12th grade student, Canada)

“ There were many things that I liked about the program. The program gave me a lot of knowledge about AI and its application. I learned many interesting things about AI thanks to this amazing program. The program was also organized very well. STEAM Bloom team is amazing! They are very kind, helpful and supportive. They immediately inform you about any changes in the program and always respond to your emails and inquiries. 

Samaa E. (11th grade student, Egypt)

“I loved the organization of the program and your keenness to benefit us and to record lectures. I had a great passion for this field. Now my passion has grown. Thank you for your effort.”

Sarah M. (12th grade student, Colombia)

"My friend and I really appreciate the STEAM Bloom team providing us an amazing learning and networking platform. I appreciate all the hard work you guys have put in, and this has benefitted hundreds of the students like us in remote parts of the world. THANK YOU!!!"

Jhanvi V. (10th grade student, India)

“Shoutout to Mehar and Pahal for giving me this opportunity to learn AI concepts. They never stepped back to clear our doubts within the session or after the session.”

Saadia M. (12th grade student, Pakistan)

I loved how beginner-friendly it was! Every speaker started from the ground up and built on the basics.

​Sophia Z. (11th grade student, USA)

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 -day event as it gave me an enriching perspective about different aspects of STEM. I particularly enjoyed STEM diversity sessions. Listening to the speakers was so reassuring that there is enough support for equitable learning experience for girls like me who are interested in STEM."

​Ananya S. (10th grade student, UAE)

“ STEAM Bloom team is doing a terrific job in providing students opportunity and access to STEM and Arts resources and integrating them well. In today’s world, interdisciplinary learning is critical for students to succeed, but I could not find online useful resources. Your online sessions have been bridging that gap very well, and the fact that there is no cost involved to participate and learn….I could not have asked for more. I discussed your website with my Computer Science teacher, and she was very impressed. She has shared about your online platform with all the students in our high school and encouraged them to sign up for future events. Thank you so much. 

​Salma M. (10th grade student, Egypt)

“Keep up the great work, Mehar and Pahal. This is the second STEAM Bloom event I have attended, with the earlier one being the Artificial Intelligence session. I was really delighted to hear what speakers shared in the STEM Conference. All the sessions were engaging and insightful. You guys are doing a fabulous job in providing us wonderful STEM tools. I honestly never had any appreciation for arts, but now I have realized that integrating STEM with the arts provides a much richer learning. Please convey my gratitude to the speakers who voluntarily spared their precious time for us. They were fantastic!!!”

Ananya Narang (12th grade student, India)

“In all the sessions I learnt something new, which was an amazing experience.”

Rebecca I. (10th grade student, USA)

“I would like to share my gratitude to STEAM Bloom’s team for providing excellent STEM resources on your website. These online tools provide well-organized information on a multitude of STEM disciplines (including Math and Computer Science). Also, my younger brother loves the collection of online resources on Arts. As a suggestion, you should also consider offering 1 on 1 mentoring. Thanks”

​Prisha S. (9th grade student, India)

“I wanted to thank the STEAM Bloom team for the session sharing how technologies like AI and ML are being used in the field of Arts. I never realized how powerful the application of Artificial Intelligence is in the field of Visual Arts, till I saw the demonstration during the session today. I love QuickDraw, which uses the technology of neural network in drawing. It was a fun learning session!"

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