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Human-Computer Interaction and AI Ethics
With Ms. Carol Smith

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STEAM Bloom AI Podcast
With Mehar

Can you share about your research related to intersection of AI Ethics, algorithmic risk, digital policy, and systems thinking? What does your practice at Humble Science, PBLLC focuses on? Can you please share what being an AI Auditor involves? What has contributed to bias and racism being embedded in technology? How is responsible Artificial Intelligence being implemented in organizations? How do we build a
high-school student movement to address ethics issues in AI? What advice you might give younger women and non-binaries, and underrepresented minorities, who are embarking in this field?

In this episode, we interview Dr. Jodi Masters-Gonzales, who is involved in intersection of AI Ethics, Algorithmic Risk & Public Policy Research. Dr. Jodi is passionate about contributing to safe, responsible, and trustworthy AI, algorithmic and autonomous systems innovation.

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