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STEAM Bloom AI Podcast
With Mehar

 As we get started, we were wondering if you could tell us just a little bit about yourself, about who you are as a person and maybe as a researcher. What is your personal story about being involved in AI and in particular AI ethics? Can you please share what your role as Corporate Counsel for Global Data, Privacy, & AI at Prudential Financial involves? How do laws can be strengthened globally in the field of AI, so that any potential risks of AI are mitigated? We have seen bias and unfairness built in AI algorithms. In your opinion, what has contributed to bias and racism being embedded in technology, and how can we prevent it? Do you think machines can be aligned with human values? There are lot of high school students who are just getting into AI, and getting into these conversations related to AI applications and ethics. How do we build a student movement to address ethics issues in AI? How do we create awareness? Also, as we end this interview, what advice you might give younger women and non-binaries, and underrepresented minorities, who are embarking in this field?

In this episode, we interview Ms. Tamra Moore, who is am an emerging technology-focused attorney with 15+ years of in-house and federal government litigation, investigation, and regulatory counseling experience. She is currently serving as Vice President, Corporate Counsel, Global Data, Privacy, & AI at Prudential Financial. Her portfolio includes responsible AI, AI governance, emerging AI regulations, AI risk management, and privacy.

Ms. Moore is a first-generation college and law school graduate. She completed her BA from Brown University and then attended Boston College Law School. Also, professionally, she has several privacy & AI certifications. She is actively engaged in her community associated with Rainbow Health, Black Women in AI and Women in AI.

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