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AI Strategy and Ethics with Ms. Ayla Kangur

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STEAM Bloom AI Podcast
With Mehar

Can you please share how is responsible AI being implemented in organizations? What does your role, Product Manager - Data & AI Strategy for Slimmer AI, involve? Do you think machines can be aligned with human values? Can you talk about the fantastic ecosystem of AI & IT enthusiasts in Groningen? How do we create awareness and build a student movement to address ethics issues in AI? How do we create awareness? What advice you might give younger women and non-
binaries, and underrepresented minorities, who are embarking in this field?

In this episode, we interview Ms. Ayla Kangur, who enjoys helping B2B tech startups set up their data & AI strategy so they can leverage AI as a long-term competitive advantage in an agile, scalable and responsible way. With a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and 7 years of industry experience as a data and machine learning engineer, I have experienced how to build and evolve AI products for a continuously positive user experience. She cares deeply about sustainability, equality, and having a human experience in a world that we continue to fill with tech - and spearhead our internal responsible AI practices.

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