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Ethical Application of AI With Dr. Lisa Palmer

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STEAM Bloom AI Podcast
With Mehar

Can you please share about the ethical application of technology, particularly data and AI? Do you think machines can be aligned with human values? What does your role as Chief Transformation Adviser AMER for Splunk, involve? How do we coordinate AI development across nations and across companies, so that resources are best utilized and we get optimal results, faster than we thought? How do we build a student movement to address ethics issues in AI? What advice would you give younger women and non-binaries, and underrepresented minorities, who are embarking in this field?

In this episode, we interview Dr. Lisa Palmer, who is currently the Chief Technical Advisor AMER for Splunk, the Turn Data Into Doing Platform. She recently completed  her Ph.D. in AI on the topic “Are for-profit entities using “Do The Right Thing” Governance to drive business results?
Dr. Lisa Palmer is also a university professor for MBA students in Marketing, Finance, Organizational Behavior and Ethics. As a committed lifelong-learner, she is dedicated to growing both personally & professionally while fostering that mindset in  her co-workers, clients, students, and within my online and IRL communities.

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