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Human-Computer Interaction and AI Ethics
With Ms. Carol Smith

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STEAM Bloom AI Podcast
With Mehar

Can you please share insights about Human-Computer Interaction? Can machines be aligned with human values? What advice do you have to give for better collaboration across different disciplines, so that we can work towards building better technologies? How do create awareness amongst high school students to address ethics issues in AI? What advice you might give younger women and non-binaries, and underrepresented minorities interested in AI?

In this episode, we interview Ms. Carol Smith who researches the complexities of human-machine teaming and leads research to identify tools and resources to support AI / ML engineering teams in developing AI systems. She uses UX research and HCI methods to support teams in creating responsible AI systems, so that users can determine potential risk, and calibrate their trust accordingly.

Ms. Carol Smith is Senior Research Scientist in AI Division of Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. She is also Adjunct Instructor of Human-Computer Interaction Institute at CMU’s School of Computer Science.

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